Product Code No. : 2003
Product General Feature ...
- Odourless
- Colourless
- Non Flammable
- Refrigerated liquefied gas
- Heavier than air
- Inert, dry and slightly soluble
- Chemically inert at ambient temperatures
- Does not support combustion
- An asphyxiate [ does not support life ]
- Non reactive except at very high temperatures
- Does not react with Oxygen at low temperatures
Product Specification Analysis ...
- Purity : 99.999%
- Scientific Formula : N2
- Molecular Weight : 28.016
- Oxygen : <5 PPM
- Moisture : <2 PPM
- Argon : <0.05 PPM
Product Application ...
- Pharmaceutics
Used in medicine manufacture, storage of semen sample, plasma and blood
- Chilling and Packing
Freezes food, producing a higher quality product compared to conventional refrigeration, modified atmosphere packing and increase the self-life without need vacuum packing and also it is offer a faster cooling rate and decrease cycle time
- Beverages
Used in brewing, soft drinks and wine making industries to exclude the air
- Glass
Used in float glass process for manufacturing flat glass, in this process, perfectly flat glass with a very high quality is achieved by floating liquid glass on a bath on a bath of molten
- Laser
Used as and assist for laser cutting of stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic, also used to degassing and metal-stirring, purging, cooling, slag splashing
- Electronic
Used in electronic assembly production such as motherboard and transistors and improve the process by enhancing the point quality and minimizing defect
- Tire
Used in filling automotive and aircraft tires due to it is inertness
- Blanking - Inerting - Purging
Ideal choice for pipeline drying to prevent explosion ans used for blanking or purging storage vessel, where various hydrocarbons, chemical, flammable or toxic gases
- Plastic Injection Molding
Used for injection molding to improve the quality and the strength of molded plastic