Product Code No. : 20004
Product General Feature ...
- Odourless
- Tastless
- Non Flammable
- Heavier than air
- Non Toxic but it is asphyxiating
- Low thermal conductivity than most other gases
- Inert to most material at normal temperatures and pressures
- It is making approximately 1% of the earth atmosphere
Product Specification Analysis ...
- Purity : 99.999% Min.
- Scientific Formula : Ar
- Oxygen : 0.000010 Max.
- Nitrogen : 0.000050 Max
- Water : 0.000010 Max
- Relative Density : 1.38
Product Application ...
- Electronics

Used in a number of device fabrication steps, the single crystal is then sliced into thin wafers for subsequent processing into semiconductor chips

- Lighting

Used to ionize and emits light, such as in plasma globes and calorimetric, incandescent lights are filled with Argon to preserve the filaments at high temperature

- Fabrication

Used as a shielding gas for MIG, TIG, plasma cutting, ferrous, non ferrous materials for welding and cutting, exclude atmospheric air from metal alloys that will either react with Nitrogen and mixture is often specific to welding Aluminum, Titanium and Copper