Product Code No. : 20002

Goudco for Engineering Industrial & Gases

Owns Acetylene Gas Production Unit according to the latest global technology for product and fill Acetylene with high quality which always satisfactory our customers

Product General Features ...
- Colourless
- Odourless at 100% purity
- Etherneal, Sweetish odour at 99.0% purity
- Flammable
- Unstable and highly combustible
- Non - Toxic
- The hottest and most efficient of all the fuel gases
- Low auto ignition temperature requires minimal energy to ignite in the Air or Oxygen
- Distinctive odour like Garlic, which is recognizable above 2% concentration in air
Product Specification Analysis ...
Purity : Not less than 99.2 %
Scientific Formula : C2H2
Temperature : 5700ºF : 6300ºF
Molecular Weight : 26.04
Relative density : 0.9
Frosting : -81.8°C
Filling at : 15°C
Product Application ...
- Cutting and Welding
Spot heating, cutting, brazing, flame heating, texturing, branding, glass, metal castings, steel welding, cleaning, thermal spraying of various metals and ceramics, Oxy-Acetylene flame can be used where the hardened surface of Carbon Steel