Type A 31.7 mm

CODE NO. 112

Type B 31.7 mm + Safety

CODE NO. 113

Type C

CODE NO. 110

Key Feature

- Valve designed according to BS 341 and DIN 477 standard

- Easy hand wheel operation under high pressure

- Marking on the neck valve protect against damage

- Hot forged brass body " Special Alloy "

- All inlet and outlet standard available

Technical Specification, Part Name & Material
Work Pressure Test Pressure Relief Pressure
30 Bar 45 Bar N/A
Operation Temperature BS 341 Standard No. DIN 477 Standard No.
±50°C - 4
Valve Body Seat Disk Amonit
F. Brass P.T.F.E. N/A
Nut Safety Nut Spindle
Brass N/A Brass + P.T.F.E.
Washer Cap Hand Wheel
P.T.F.E. N/A Plastic / Aluminum